LCA appoints Ethics Code officer

Mr Sebajoa Sebajoa

Lesotho Cricket Association board discussed its Ethics Code on 3 October 2020 at Lesotho National Olympic offices.

The president of LCA Mr Sebajoa Sebajoa congratulated the association to have achieved to work on this document before it was submitted to the cricket mother body (International Cricket Council).

Sebajoa thanked all the members who participated in this endevour.

The meeting agreed that the principles as far as the Code is concerned include honesty, impartiality and integrity.  

It was highlighted that the Ethics Code purpose is not to threaten the members of LCA, but to promote professionalism in the cricket fraternity.

In order to say one has violated the Code it would be based on the evidence gathered and presented to prove beyond reasonable doubt that violation occurred.

Some of the acts of misconduct included bribery, gifts and hospitality which tantamount to the violation of relevant sections.

The board concluded the meeting by appointing the Ethics Code Officer. Even though the identity of the officer is withhold for now, but she is the woman.

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