Team Lesotho under pressure, chess championships

Lesotho chess team drag their feet on chess online championships, which kicked off on October 16, 2020. The games proceed on 18 October.

According to Lesotho Chess Association public relations officer, Mr Selatela Khiba the tournament started very late yesterday. Above all, not all teams were able to play their round one due to technical errors, Lesotho included.

However, all the mess was sorted early this morning and all games were played.
Results for the first 4 rounds were as follows:

Round 1 results
1) Botswana 7.5 vs 2.5 Zimbabwe
2) Malawi 7.5 vs 2.5 Eswatini
3) RSA 9 vs1 Namibia
4) Zambia 7vs 3 Lesotho
5) Angola on bye

Round 2 results
1) Eswatini 3 vs 7 Namibia
2) Zambian 7 vs 3 Malawi
3) Zimbabwe 7.5 vs 2.5 Lesotho
4) Angola 7vs 3 Botswana
5) RSA on bye

Round 3 Results
1) South Africa 7 vs 3 Eswatini
2) Zimbabwe 8 vs 2 Malawi
3) Lesotho 0.5 vs 9.5 Angola
4) Zambia 7.5 vs 2.5 Namibia
5) Botswana on bye

1) Zimbabwe 10 vs 0 Namibia
2) Angola 8 vs 2 Malawi
3) Zambia 2.5 vs 7.5 RSA
4) Botswana 7.5 vs 2.5 Lesotho
5) Eswatini on Bye

Khiba further indicated that those who would like to watch the games live tomorrow they could visit and results can be viewed at

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