LeFA concerned, B team bypass regulations

The Lesotho Football Association has noticed with concern the uproar from B Division clubs that were involved in the play-offs this past weekend over the registration of players in the FIFA Connect.

LeFA would like to make it clear that it will not in any way tolerate clubs that want to bypass the rules and regulations that govern football in this country. It remains the responsibility of each club to see to it that the registration of players in the FIFA Connect are completed within the registration period.

We urge all the clubs to treat this matter with urgency going forward to make sure that they do not repeat mistakes of the past, which have affected even teams in the elite leagues such as Mzamane FC, which had to go a season with a depleted squad for failing to complete registration of its players.

There is also a case of some of the clubs that failed to comply with article 19.1.6 of the LeFA rules and regulations for B and C Division, which clearly stipulate that each club participating in the B Division shall name no less than three (3) players aged below twenty years.

In the meantime, tomorrow at Bambatha Tšita Sports Arena the national coach Mr. Thabo Senong will announce his final squad for the upcoming 2021 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers against Benin.

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