Basketball playoffs went smoothly

Mr Hopolang Hoala

Shooting Riffles basketball club grabbed a trophy of the previous regular season on 28 November, 2020 at Lesotho National University (NUL).  

The Lesotho Basketball Association congratulated the team for working hard and dedication.

From there, playoffs kicked off at the same venue. Six teams were at loggerheads.

“Performance and participation were good, it was an intense competition”, said Lesotho Basketball Association public relations officer Mr Hopolang Hoala.

PRO indicated that due to corona virus preventative measures only two teams played in the absence of others and the rest follow suit until the end.

The spectators including NUL students watched the games from afar since they were not allowed to the pitch areas in order to maintain social distancing.

The results stood thus:
LP 51-36 KBS (A)
BKMA 46-70 KTA (A)
BKMS 37-39 T98ERS (A)
SR 61- 46 NUL (A)

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