IPA – Lesotho procures car and site

IPA- Lesotho Section car

The purpose of the meeting is financial report and developments reached during this difficult year of COVID 19, said the Lesotho Police Association – Lesotho Section secretary general at the official opening of extraordinary council meeting at Scenery Guest House in Maseru on December 10, 2020.

Mr. Thato Mokoteli stated that the way forward would be to report what has been discussed to the Congress in November next year.

On behalf of the president of IPA- Lesotho Section, he thanked all members present, particularly two retired members from the Lesotho Mounted Police Service Mr. Clifford Molefe and Mrs ‘Matšitso Motloung.

“This association is meant for service through friendship, by the serving and the retired officers. That is why it values the presence and active participation in the IPA activities”, said Mokoteli.

Molefe was from the Police Head Quarters district and Region, while Mrs Motloung was working at Leribe from the Northern Region.

Mokoteli noted that these two officers’ experiences since they are long serving members in IPA would contribute in the development of the association.

He emphasized that the English Sergeant Arthur Troop established IPA in 1950 in England with the spirit of service through friendship by the police in the world. Hence, it grew up until it reached Lesotho in 1988.

Secretary General appealed to all districts and regions in the country to increase the participation of pensioners because IPA is their home.

He welcomed 37 members from the districts and regions of Lesotho. Only Qacha’snek and Thaba-Tseka were not represented due to logistical challenges encountered.

Council meeting includes representation from the regions and the districts.

A treasurer from Northern region and based in Both Bothe district Mr Neo Moremoholo said the meeting was fruitful.

“This first meeting which was supposed to heave been held in February did not materialized due to COVID 19 pandemic”, said Moremoholo.

He showed that many important issues were deliberated harmoniously. However, he was impressed by the developments whereby the National Executive Committee reported that the association have bought a car and site.

“We have been aspiring to have a site for so long, now that we got it is an achievement to us”, said Moremoholo.

He added that the car would be used for IPA – Lesotho Section activities without any delay.

Moremoholo concluded by saying that financial report was clear and understandable.

“The financial report was presented in a way that everyone understood it. There were no malpractices as most of the time finances become problematic in many associations”, he noted.

He further articulated that attendance and participation of membership was very good.

It was revealed in this meeting that the elective Congress, which is held in every three years period, will take place in November next year (2021) in any region that would be prepared to host as usual.

All members would be eligible to participate and vote for the national committee members of their choice. The candidature submission for the different portfolios is before February 2021.

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  1. Good news indeed. Servo!!


  2. 🇱🇸 Lesotho Section IPA 🇱🇸


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