VPL ticketing project succeeds

Sekonyela Matamane

The ticketing pilot project by Premier League Management Committee (PLMC) and Vodacom Lesotho was successful at the Setsoto stadium, PLMC public relations officer Qamako Mahao told our publication.

Tickets of the first two games of Vodacom Premier League at national stadium on December 12, were sold using M-pesa product. In other playing fields football lovers paid cash at the entry points.  

Mahao admitted that people experienced challenges because they accessed M-pesa service very late, then they bought tickets under pressure.

“We had made provision that those who are unable to buy through M-pesa should pay at the gates and they did”, continued PLMC PRO.

As a way forward, teams would secure merchant accounts from Vodacom Lesotho in order to enable them to sell tickets through their cellphones. They would also receive their shares immediately from the buyers so that they would be able to survive.

Mahao urged the public to buy tickets and go to the grounds on time, because to verify them is a process on its own; hence, enough time is needed at the entry points.

“Our sponsor is doing everything possible to make sure that Basotho access the service, and we are giving a support for the teams to comply”, concluded Mahao.

“The M-Pesa ticketing system has been in operation for years. Primarily it has been used for music events”, said Principal Specialist: Marketing and Digital Media Sekonyela Matamane.

He emphasized that football matches are no different; they are essentially events where patrons of the sport are processed through payments for entry.

This new experience for the soccer fans and their teams was relatively easy to implement at Vodacom Premier League (VPL) matches. There had been initial training for all VPL teams and for the PLMC. The process of buying tickets and redemption thereof was made much easier as the supporting teams from Vodacom Lesotho’s promotions and M-Pesa divisions were physically present and available at all game locations.

Matamane indicated that there was reportedly no significant system-based challenges. 

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