Fundraising for police transportation

Mr Peete ‘Neko

A patriotic Mosotho Architectural Technologist has initiated a charity-based event to fundraise for the police transportation.

The aim of the charity is to help the Lesotho police, specifically the newly established Patrol Unit in the LMPS dealing with traffic issues in particular.

Mr Peete ‘Neko approached Lesotho Off-Road Association (LORA) to facilitate this event because they know the routes to deal with such events in the country.

This endevour is named “Bring your horse off-road drive” it took place on December 26, 2020 in Maseru.

“I stay at Naleli in one of the Maseru locations, prior to the existence of Patrol Unit it was a nightmare to go to town, but currently it takes 10 to 15 minutes”, said ‘Neko.

He said to support one or few police officers would not bring any difference, but as for the LMPS, generally it would be much better.

Therefore, that is why he shared this idea with his friends, raise funds, and identify the needs of the police. Then when they approach LMPS, they found out that the main need is transportation.

“Since June I saw a police car in one of the motor repair garages, which I also use to repair my car and the same car is still there even to date”, he continued.

If we raise enough money, we would like to procure two Polo vehicles, which I have, quotation for them or bikes for the police or to repair police cars.

“I have realized that members of LMPS use their private car for the police work.

Then he initiated the fund raising event.

“The event was not successful because few people attended”, said ‘Neko.

Therefore, they agreed with the attendees that they should repeat this event and involve more people on January 9, 2020.

He appealed that the police should partake in the next event so that it would be a big one.

“Organizations and individuals who wish to contribute in this endevour are most welcome”, emphasized ‘Neko.

LORA will inform their members to come in large numbers.

The route of the event starts from Masianokeng opposite the new shopping center to  Moshoeshoe 1 airport road – Mphoto – Mokema – Ramabanta –  Nyokosoba and then to Setibing.

According to the LMPS public relations officer there is no official arrangements regarding this initiative by ‘Neko. Therefore, he is not in a position to respond to Lesotho Sports Blizz.

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