LeFA proposes return to football

Mr Mikia Kalati

Lesotho Football Association (LeFA) has always been in communication with NACOSEC throughout that is why the national team Likuena started with their training about three weeks ago.

Le FA communication officer Mikia Kalati told our publication.

He said they are aware that a few weeks ago it would be difficult to start the games due to the infection rates and that of people dying.

Kalati showed that it was why the Prime Minister kept mentioning it in his recent speech.

“The leadership of the association has been in communication and getting updates from NACOSEC regarding the return of football. However, as we speak LeFA is submitting a proposal about the return to training.

In comparison, the South African and the European countries with Lesotho’s Kalati said:

“We will never compare our country with theirs because of so many reasons such as economic status and the sporting facilities”.

Lesotho teams cannot afford to go to a bio bubble like South African teams.

Again, Lesotho is not in a position to test all the players.

“Remember even our people working in RSA it was a struggle to get tested when they came for the Christmas holidays”.

“Looking at our statistics and compare to other countries you will see that testing has been a challenge majority of Basotho haven’t tested yet.

Kalati mentioned that the government have no testing facilities throughout the country.

“Covid-19 has been ruthless and it was important that when we return it is safe for all serving the beautiful game”, said LeFA communication officer.

This is why a country like Botswana still has not returned to football since March 2020.

He concluded by saying that they have already lost a number of people in football due to COVID 19 related illness, therefore, they should be cautious about the spread of the pandemic. 

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