Kick4life hands contracts to women’s team

Kick4Life football club issued a statement regarding the issuance of the contracts of women players’ team.

The statement reads as thus:

Kick4Life is pleased to announce that the club is handing player contracts to the women’s team this week.

This follows a historic announcement made by the club in 2020 to have an equal budget spending between the men and the women sides, thereby making it the first top-flight football club in the world to commit to such.

The Director of Football Lepekola Seetane explained this move as a great milestone for the club.

“We are excited about this, it’s a sign that we are moving in the right direction towards achieving the long term goals of Kick4Life. We believe in giving equal opportunities to all, and what is happening this week is an indication of that”, said Seetane.

Expressing her excitement when signing the agreement, Mankala Letsepe a center forward player said this is a big moment in her life.

“I am excited to get into this agreement with the club as it will help me grow in my academics, character behaviour as well as to represent the club well in the pitch.

“Since joining the club in 2019, I have grown so much in terms of how I conduct myself because I learned that at Kick4Life, it is not only about playing football, but also other aspects of life which include school.

“I am glad to say that with the encouragement of my mentors at Kick4Life, I have managed to sit for my final high school examinations and I aspire to be a Social Worker in the future,” explained Letsepe.

Kick4Life women’s team was established in 2010 and is one of the pioneers of the Lesotho Women Super League.

The team has participated in the competitions both in Lesotho and internationally.

“This week we have started handing out contracts to them. In addition, contracts will vary as per player’s needs.

“We have under aged players and according to the law parents or guardians signed on their behalves.

“Therefore, their cases will be different from those that are above 18 years old”, concluded Kick4Life FC Media Officer Reitumetsi Tlopo.

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