180 teachers trained-badminton

Lesotho Badminton Association invited journalists for media briefing session that will be held at Emmanuel Hostel on 20 April 2021.

The aim of the meeting is to introduce badminton basics and technicalities to the sports reporters/journalists and or presenters in a relaxed environment.

In an exclusive interview with Lesotho Sports Blizz LESBAD communication officer Moorosi Tsiane said the association disappeared for some time so it is their intention to introduce the sport in the country.

“Well for now we are introducing the sport to the stakeholders. It has been there but disappeared”, said communication officer.

“So we have a program called Shuttle time. In this programme we train teachers from different schools in the country so that they will pass information to the students”.

Tsiane said they have trained about 180 teachers countrywide and had to break due to COVID 19 pandemic restrictions.

 “We just wanted to start with the base and thereafter we introduce the national leagues and championships”, continued Tsiane.

He said what is different about their association is that most of their committee members is young blood and ex-players mostly.

They are people who seem passionate about the sport whose target is to see this sport growing in the country.

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