LeFA issues statement on resumption of football

On the 19th March 2021, the Office of the Lesotho Football Association issued a circular whose  subject was the graduated return to training and competition highlighting the time line to return to football.

This circular was an answer to a circular that the same office issued in January 2021 which had served to suspend LeFA competitions on account to the looming lockdown by the government of the Kingdom of Lesotho amidst the second wave of the Corona Virus.

It is therefore safe to say all competitions under the auspices of the Lesotho Football competitions are open. Clubs through their compliance officers and match officials  have undergone training on the protocols aimed at mitigating the pandemic.

Besides the same circular makes reference to the restart which was pending government giving the green light to the return to competition.

This was duly done and the last time when the Right Honourable the Prime Minister was on national television he made mention of the spectator numbers at Premier League and A Division matches, he made reference to spectator numbers at lower leagues and at the proper stadia.

I guess this should be enough explanation as to the resumption of Sport and in particular competitions under the auspices of the Lesotho Football Association.


Mokhosi Mohapi

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