LISA elects new committee

Lesotho Institution of Schools Association (LISA) elected the new committee last weekend in Maseru.

The elections went smoothly with the neutral independence electoral committee.

The former secretary general of LISA Posholi Posholi highlighted this.

LISA 2021 elections results stood thus:

 PRESIDENT                   :                MR TEBOHO PHOLO

VICE PRESIDENT          :                MR DAVID KHOHLELI



TRESURER                     :                MR NALELI SETLAI

PRO                              :                MR NTAINYANE MARABE

MEMBERS                      :                1.MR KHOJANE PHAE

                                      :                2.MR MOEA KUBUTU

In the same occasion, the LISA executive committee offered awards to former members who served LISA with all diligence in the previous years. The following officials benefited:

Ex-President Mr Matloko Mafantiri and current LeFA 2nd Vice President, Mr P. Sebajoa Ex-President and current Lesotho Cricket Association President, Mr Letsatsi Ntsibolane Ex- PRO  and LNOC Vice President and the late Ex-President Mr Leoisa Mpholo. 

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