Roof of Africa roaring-LORA

The 2021 Motul Roof of Africa will be staged from November 24 to the 27 this year.

Lesotho Off Road Association public relation officer Keketso Malebo informed the public.

In a statement issued by L.O.R.A he said the Lesotho borders are open and advised the potential riders to start planning their riding trips as soon as possible.

Malebo indicated that anyone can crossover by having the following on person when arriving at the borders.

A mask, valid passport and negative COVID-19 results.

“This COVID-19 test has to be taken within 72 hours before one’s planned entry into Lesotho. It should be valid for two weeks after the first entry”, emphasized the PRO.

He added that riders should make sure to check the times at which the ports of entry are open because not all of them are accessible in 24 hours a day.

“Pay special attention to what the refund policy is when booking accommodation – not all establishments have the same refund policies”, he concluded.

When asked whether L.O.R.A possess sponsorship for this event, he said they do have but still on the table.

As far as which countries riders come from he stated that they would know after the entries are done.

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