Significant HIV prevalence possibilities, Quthing

Mzondase Tsepane

The role of National AIDS Commission (NAC) in the HIV and AIDS response is to coordinate the national, multi-sectoral HIV and AIDS response.

NAC provides strategic leadership aimed towards ending HIV/AIDS by 2030.

According to NAC women who have been forced to have sex experience higher HIV prevalence. Therefore, this category of the nation constitutes 39.3 percent.

Lesotho Population-based HIV Impact Assessment (LePHIA) 2017 further depicts that 50 percent of the infected people are divorced or separated women.

Never married females and males have lower percentage that is 15 and five percent respectively.  

Quthing has been identified to be the HIV/AIDS noteworthy prevalence in Lesotho.  

NAC revealed that one of the contributing factors could be the cross-border movement.

People from Lesotho cross river to South Africa, while others are from RSA due to daily requirements such as health services and employment.

As a result, even the victims are not easily followed up due to the disappearance of others to the neighbouring country.

Sexual offences reported to the police also contributed tremendously in HIV infections increase in the district. Weekly police reports depicted significant statistics of the infections. 

According to the LMPS PRO Senior Superintendent Mpiti Mopeli Quthing police received 34 cases of sexual offences during May 2021.

“This is the significant statistics which could play a major role in HIV and AIDS infections amongst the population of Quthing”, said LMPS spokesperson in an exclusive interview with LSB.

The NAC communication officer Mzondase Tsepane confirmed this notion. She alluded that sexual violence is one of the transmitions of HIV from one person to another.

“During sexual offence most of the time preventative measures are not effected, hence infection is highly possible”, said Tsepane.      

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