IPA and BAM partnership change life

Ms Moketenyane Mokoena

Partnership of International Police Association and Special Operations Unit/ Special Service Unit (SOU/SSU) district extended a helping hand to the needy family.

The woman from Mabote village situated closer to SOU/SSU offices in Berea district in the northern part of Lesotho benefited from this endevour.

This family is comprised of mother and five children, three girls and two boys. The elder child is 14 years old.

According to the former SSOU/SSU chairperson Mr. Moruti Makhahlela who led this initiative, they read from the social media that there was a vulnerable family, which needed prompt attention.

“We were challenged as IPA members in our district and felt obliged to take action as soon as possible”, said Makhahlela.

He said members contributed candles, paraffin, clothing and cash.

The head of their unit Mr Halahala also donated with some items. Hence, his contribution played a major role.

 “The woman was so grateful with the presents distributed to her”, continued the former chairperson.

“It is not the first time to perform such deed to the disadvantaged members of the  society. Since IPA emanates within the police organization we uphold the Lesotho Mounted Police Service logo “Police a helper, a friend”, stipulated Makhahlela.

He indicated that this endevour would have not succeeded without their partnership with BAM group of companies.

“They responded to our call immediately when we approached them and we joined hands to help this family”, concluded Makhahlela.

Finite Life Style Club coordinator under the auspices of BAM Ms Moketenyane Mokoena confirmed partnership with IPA.

She said they felt obliged to contribute to the development of the family in question.

As a result, they had to join hands with IPA SOU/SSU to assist by providing clothing, grocery and money.

“IPA and Lesotho Mounted Police Service football team comprised of our members”, said Mokoena.

Members of Finite Life Club enjoy benefits including discounted rates on certain businesses such as free magazine, saloons, beauty and grocery shops, hardware, towing services and many more.

“From BAM group foundation, we extended our helping hand by giving out what we could afford”, she continued.

Finite Life Style Club encourages good life to its members therefore; they found it fit that vulnerable family benefited as well.

The coordinator showed that Finite club members afford services on lower prices.

“We also have empowerment sessions for our members; hence members qualify for exclusive invitations.

“We also host event annually in August such as the one that we are going to stage on August, 28 this year at Mojalefa Lephole hall”, emphasized Mokoena.

Members buy tickets at a discounted rate to access BAM activities.

Mokoena told LSB that LMPS football club members in Maseru and other districts also affiliated to Finite club .

She portrayed her gratitude to the IPA-Lesotho Section President Mr Holomo Molibeli who allowed them to recruit members within the LMPS.

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