LBSA holds AGM

LBSA issued a statement regarding annual general meeting which was held at Olympic offices last weekend.

Please allow me to inform you that this past weekend, 10th July 2021, the Lesotho Baseball and Softball Association (LBSA) held its AGM at the premises of Lesotho National Olympic Committee (LNOC).

Present alongside the LBSA executive committee was representation from Molapo high school, PREP, Cenez primary school, Nul Giants and Parentos, all on behalf of the baseball and softball community.

Although invitations were sent out to 19 members who had affiliated for the year 2019/2020, it was unfortunate that the quorum was not met because of the absence of the expected participation as it has been the case in the past 3 years.

This however did not hinder or discourage what followed to be a very fruitful and productive discussions amongst all those who confirmed their attendance and participation in the meeting.

The executive committee further welcomed the esteemed presence of Mme Matlohang Moiloa – Ramoqopo (LNOC President and LBSA attache), Mr Lits’itso Mots’eremeli (LSRC), Mme Manthateng Mmako (LSRC Commissioner attached), Mr Letsatsi Ntsibolane (LNOC) as well as Ms Mamello Lepheane (LSRC secretariat responsible), who were a great part of the meeting to oversee the smooth running and compliance to all the required standards of the AGM.

The proceedings for the day were kick started by warm welcome remarks by the LBSA President Mr Tlali Rampooane, who congratulated as well as commended all who managed to take their time out of their life schedules to come attend to the wellbeing and welfare of baseball and softball in Lesotho.

So as to acknowledge and approve the proceedings of the day, LNOC President Mme Matlohang Moiloa -Ramoqopo and ‘Me ‘Manthateng ‘Mota applauded the LBSA team for successfully hosting the AGM, and encouraged a strong stance towards the prevailing challenges, and a hard hit at the goals and aims ahead.

This AGM proved the LBSA compliance with gender equity and governance compliance where both genders were fairly represented in the LBSA leadership and clubs.

The forum in essence agreed that despite having held some activities prior to the scourge of Covid-19 restrictions, there was a problem of discipline and lack of commitment by some members wherein strategies were agreed upon to be put in place in order to get softball and baseball in Lesotho to be popular again.

The attending membership approved the reports of the Secretary General, the Treasurer, the 4 year activity plan presented as well as the Codes of conducts that are to be signed by all members of the LBSA to instill discipline within the softball and baseball community.

The need for trained scorers, umpires and coaches was recognized and strategies devised to ensure that individuals that are trained are indeed committed to benefit the LBSA community.

The LBSA would like to greatly thank the support of the LNOC, LSRC as well as our friends in other sporting codes and last but not least the baseball and softball community who remain fuelling the spirit of these sports we love.

The LBSA, through the PRO office, will prepare a thorough press release entailing the details of the AGM for our esteemed media friends and partners, and will gladly be present for any further details – Likhomo.

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