TROIKA commended Lesotho – Region 5 Games

By: Moliehi Ramohapi

TROIKA issued final report of the African Union Sports Council Region 5 at a meeting held on August 1, 2021 Maseru, Lesotho.

Mr. Stanley Mutoya

Members who attended the meeting were Honourable Likeleli Tampane (MP), Hon. Ulemu Msungama (MP) from Malawi and Hon. Tumiso Rakgare (MP) from Botswana.

Present in the meeting included Mr. Imon Moreetsi Bogosi (the Region 5 Executive Committee Chairperson) (Online), Mr Lawrence Buyani Mthethwa (Chairperson Finance and Marketing Commission).

Mrs. Eugenia Chidhakwa (Sports Development Technical Commission Chairperson), Mr. Stanley Mutoya (Secretary General/ Chief Executive Officer), Mr. Jameson Ndalama (Malawi Director of Sports), Mr. Oliver Kumbambe (Malawi Permanent Secretary for Youth and Sports) as well as Mrs Nonofo Sephatla (Region 5 secretariat) also participated.

The meeting started with the TROIKA showing how Lesotho committed and determined to host and delivering safe and exceptional Region 5 Youth Games even under the prevailing COVID 19 pandemic.

It acknowledged the dedication of the government of Lesotho for delivering a successful 9th edition of the Region 5 Youth Games, and encouraged Lesotho to work on closing the gaps noted in areas of lagging behind schedule.

It emphasized the need to speed up the processes and preparations needed for a successful delivery of the games due to the limited time left before the games commence.

Malawi was commended for signing the Protocol Agreement for the hosting of the 10th edition of the Region 5 Youth Games.  

Apart from that, the TROIKA accepted the pledge by Botswana to sign the office hosting agreement by 31 August 2021.

 They requested the government of Lesotho to find a way to cushion participating countries to the 9th edition of the Region 5 Games in the cost of COVID-19 tests by considering setting government facilities and avoid use of private players who are charging exorbitant fees.

The meeting urged that Lesotho should adhere and respect the timelines to avoid attracting compliance consequences in accordance with the Games regulations.

Members congratulated Zimbabwe Minister of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation, Honorable Dr. Kirsty Coventry on her elevation to serve as a full member of the International Olympic Committee.

Lastly, TROIKA acknowledged the government and people of Lesotho for their warm welcome, level of preparedness and commitment to successfully host of the games.

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