IPA Central Region formal handing over

Former Police Headquarters Central Region handed over the reins to the new one last week at Mmelesi hotel in Thaba Bosiu.

Even though this region did not have much to hand over since it was the new entity.

“One of the achievements reached by the former committee is that they were able to avail the regional attire”, said the incoming chairperson Mr. Moruti Makhahlela.

Makhahlela said they also managed to buy a sound system with the fundraising activities that they were engaged in.

He further indicated that SOU/SSU district excelled under the guidance and support of the outgoing regional committee as one of their successes.

The poor attendance of the members became the main challenge encountered by the committee.

Makhahlela showed that most of the time PHQ district members were denied opportunity to be released to attend meetings.

Front row: New committee members

The newly elected president indicated that amongst four IPA regions in the country, only PHQ region has managed to submit the proposal requested by the national executive committee (NEC) regarding funds to be allocated to the regions.

As a result, NEC is unable to assist PHQ region with funds due to the three regions delaying the process.

Makhahlela highlighted the prevailing situation of COVID 19 pandemic as a big challenge.

“COVID 19 hinders the progress of development of the association”, stressed the chairperson.

The new committee is aimed at encouraging the retired members to come on board.

“We are planning to invite retired members in order to encourage them to be part of the system. In that meeting they will be supplied with masks and sanitizers to show that we take care for them, provided the budged permits”, he concluded.

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