Rising Stars cricket club grabs championship

The mandate of Lesotho Sports and Recreation Commission (LSRC) is to see that sport develops from the grassroots level.

Ms Malitsietsi Zwakala

Therefore, LSRC is glad because is well represented as far as cricket is concerned.

This was said by the LSRC representative at the awards presentation ceremony Ms Malitsietsi Zwakala at Lesotho High School in Maseru.

She congratulated Rising Stars for having reached that level of National T20 Tournament and grabbed the trophy and gold medals as the champions.

“We are glad to witness the event of such magnitude,” said Zwakala.

She observed that finals were reached without challenges and the minor ones that occurred were resolved peacefully.

To the runners up Lankesia cricket club she said it is not the end. She saw that they gave tough time to the champions.

She urged them to go back to the drawing board and come back stronger in future.

“The tournament went smoothly as organized both at Leribe and Maseru”, said the Lesotho Cricket Association president Mr Sebajoa Sebajoa.

Sebajoa highlighted that only one issue regarding Lerotholi Polytechnic team, which was fixtured in Leribe became a challenge but was resolved accordingly.

LCA has learned a lesson as far as the institutions clubs are concerned.

In future, the association would involve the administration of the institutions not players (Learners) alone because sometime they bring confusion while they are not decision makers.

10 teams, five from Leribe and five from Maseru participated in the tournament initially.  

Rising Stars Cricket Club

The top two clubs from each group qualified for the semifinals and finals.

Lankasia, Linare, Rising Stars and All Stars advanced to the semifinals.

Thereafter, Lankasia and Rising Stars were in loggerhead at the finals on September 5 this year, whereby Rising Stars snatched the championship.

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