Lesotho National cricket team lost.

Lesotho men’s national cricket club lost against Eswatini today in a game played at Rwanda in the auspices of ICC World Cup Qualifier.

Mr Theko Mahloane

This was the first game whereby Lesotho is expected to play six games in all.

Eswatini won the toss, elected to bat in the first innings and collected 194 runs for four wickets. Hence, Lesotho had to bowl.

In the second innings, Lesotho was chasing and managed to gather 140 runs and all out.

As a result, Eswatini won this match by 54 runs.

The captain Mr. Samir Abdul Saeed Patel told our reporter that they played hard but unfortunately, they lost to Eswatini.

“We could not managed to reach the target of 195 runs. We missed fielding, dropped some catches, and failed to stabilize our bating”, said Patel.

He showed that they are prepared for the next game tomorrow, which is against Seychelles.

Lesotho coach Mr. Theko Mahloane said his team experienced many mistakes to an extent that they dropped many balls.

“Our Bowlers played according to the plan from home”, he said.

He further showed that the bating top order did not perform according to what he told them to do.

However, he said he would talk to them to rectify all the errors they encountered today.

“We won this game before we played, by undermining our opponents, that’s why we lost”, continued Mahloane.

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