Lesotho PostBank League Fixture #13

_North Stream_

*Saturday, 13/11/2021*

61. Lits’ilo *vs* Mzamane

*@Pitseng Leribe @14:00*

62. Lilemela *vs* L. Polytechnic

*Sefikeng Berea*

63. Ketane *vs* LU FC

*DiFA Stadium Maputsoe*

*_Sunday, 14/11/2021_*

64. BB Warriors *vs* Galaxy

*@Pitso Ground BB*

65. Sefothafotha Y S  *vs* Sky Batallion

*@Ha Mabote Maseru*

*_Kickoffs: 15:00hrs_*

_South Stream_

*Saturday, 13/11/2021*

61. Roma Boys *vs* L. Golden

*@CK Ground Roma*

62. Q. Highlanders *vs* Machokha

*Qoaling Maseru*

*_Sunday, 14/11/2021_*

63. CF RYDO *vs* ACE Maseru

*Leshoboro Stadium @15:30hrs*

64. Majantja  *vs* Quthing LMPS

*@Thoteng M/hoek*

65. Naughty Boys *vs* Qacha’s Nek LMPS 

*@Leshoboro Stadium @13:00hrs*

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