PHQ district IPA members donate blood

Police Headquarters International Police Members who partook in cleaning campaign and blood donation

Twenty-three International Police Association (IPA) donated blood on 21 January 2022 at Police Headquarters.

IPA and Lesotho mounted police service engaged in a cleaning campaign and later donated blood.

This activity was the initiative of PHQ district IPA members.

 From there the administration of PHQ decided to include all LMPS members who are deployed at PHQ to join hands with IPA for the cleaning of PHQ premises and donation of blood.

LMPS management revealed that on January 28 the Commissioner of Police would be having visitors from Rwanda, Namibia, and other countries to witness the passing out parade of the newly employed police that would take place at Police Training College (PTC).

IPA was established in Lesotho in 1987. It has members in all Lesotho districts; the Commissioner of the Police is the President of the association.

Chairperson of Police Headquarters district Mr. Clifford Molefe donates blood

Members include the serving and retired police members and the non-police staff working within the LMPS.

The aim of the association is to see to it that members create opportunities for relaxation since they perform critical work at all times.  

A British police Sergeant Arthur Troop founded the IPA in 1950.

The purpose of the association includes education, community support, and entertainment.

As a result, members partake in educational tours and extend helping hands to vulnerable people.



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