LCA develops young cricketers

Lesotho Cricket Association has engaged in Criiio Cricket programme initiated by International Cricket Council (ICC).

The facilitator shows the kid how to handle the bat

The programme is aimed at kids aged zero to 15 years old. They use available materials which would not hurt players, such as clothing for the ball, chairs or tables for stumps, and so on.

Kids can play indoors and outside as long as the venue is playable.

The game is played by two teams of six players each and continues for nine overs.

LCA Development Officer Lekoatsa Chaka told our publication that on February 4 and 7 this year kids from Tšekele and Majaheng Primary schools at Berea district in the northern part of Lesotho were trained on how to play cricket.

“The aim was to go further and play on the sand along the rivers of Lesotho since we do not have beaches, but unfortunately due to the floods it would not be possible”, said Chaka.

LCA is expected to report to ICC on February 13 about all activities regarding Criiio Cricket programme in the Mountain Kingdom.

In the meantime, LCA has scheduled to conduct an introductory cricket at SOS Quthing in the southern region of Lesotho.

The programme will cover 100 youths from the center.

That’s how the Criiio Cricket Programme playing ground and available materials looks like

‘After cricket training, we will provide them with balls, bats, and stumps’, continued Development Officer.

Lekoatsa concluded that LCA would extend a helping hand to the children by giving them excise books, pens, pencils, and rulers.

LCA has recognized that the majority of kids in the center are girls; hence, they will also get pads.



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