PHQ IPA district elects new committee

The new Police Headquarters committee members, only Vice Chairperson is missing

International Police Association – Police headquarters district elected new committee on February 11 2022 at police officers’ mess.

The new members included the following:

  1. Mr. Clifford Molefe – Chairperson
  2. Mr. Motlatsi Kotsi – Vice Chairperson
  3. Ms. Mavis Matete – Secretary 
  4. Mr. Lebohang Mohloki – Vice Secretary
  5. Mr. Limpho Khashole – Treasurer
  6. Members – I) Ms Ntšabe Nkhabu

ii) Mr. Tankiso Motloi

iii) Mr. Khojane Lebeoane

iv) Mr. Mokheseng Moiloa

The former district committee was comprised of the following members:

  1. Mr. Clifford Molefe – Chairperson
  2. Ms. Tebello Letsie – Vice Chairperson
  3. Mr. Tau Sehloho – Secretary
  4. Ms. Tholoana Khoaela – Vice Secretary
  5. Mrs ‘Mareabetsoe Mofoka – Treasurer
  6. Members: 1) Mr. Mokheseng Moiloa

ii) Mr. Noko Nyenye

iii) Mr. Limpho Khashole

Before the elections, the former chairperson presented the annual report.

He showed that the work plan was not accomplished due to the Coronavirus pandemic, which affected the globe Lesotho included.

The last year’s achievements were cleaning campaign at police headquarters and blood donation on the same day (21 January 2022).

The IPA- President Mr. Holomo Molibeli showed his gratitude to the PHQ district after the cleaning campaign because it came while he was expecting the visitors from Namibia, Rwanda. and other countries during the passing out parade which took place at Police Training College recently.

From there members formulated the work plan, which would be presented to the Region.

The plan included social responsibilities, educational tours, and entertainment as required by the IPA – Lesotho Section.   

National and international trips are included.

Even though it is expected that the Regional Committee would approve this work plan or vary depending the regional work plan.

The Chairperson emphasized that the elections came after the instructions of the Regional committee.  

Former PHQ committee members

Mr. Molefe further stipulated that he was happy to recognize the increase of the attendance as compared to the previous meetings.

“The elections of the new committee raised the vibe within the members. Again the issue of allowing members to show interest in the portfolios of their choice contributed to a success of the elections”, emphasized Molefe.    

Members manifested passion and participation in the development of the IPA as far as PHQ is concerned.

They indicated that since their district is in PHQ they have to be exemplary and portray innovations.

He promised the members that together with the new committee members PHQ district would progress to the next level.

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