PHQ IPA Region and districts committees meet

The chairperson Mr. Makhahlela and some members of the Regional Committee

International Police Association (IPA) Police Headquarters Region invited districts committees to a meeting on March 4, 2022, at “The Butcher” in Maseru.

The aim of the meeting as indicated by the chairperson Mr. Makhahlela was to discuss the annual working plan for the region.

It was indicated that this endevour came after the district’s committees presented theirs to the Regional Committee. 

The PHQ Region is comprised of PHQ, Police Training College, and SOU/SSU.

It is, therefore, anticipated that the regional work plan would be submitted to the IPA- Lesotho Section National Executive Committee.

The meeting categorized the work plan into three sectors such as social responsibilities, educational tours, and entertainment.

Fundraising came up as the major activity in order to collect revenue for the development of the PHQ Region.

Members gathered in the meeting to discuss burning issues for the development of the PHQ Region

In order to facilitate fundraising effectively, a local organizing committee was established. It includes Regional Committee and two members from each district that comprises PHQ Region as stated above.  

Members brainstormed the means to fundraise that included live music like artists, bands, DJs and comedians.

LOC was mandated to put in action all the suggestions made by the members for the betterment of the Region including the contributions to pay less for the trips to be undertaken in the future. 



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