PHQ commemorate Moshoeshoe 1 Day

Some members of the PHQ district posed for the camera

The International Police Association Police Headquarters district commemorated Moshoeshoe 1 Day in style at Maseru on March 10, 2022.

This is the annual event celebrated by the entire nation, whereby the pick of the commemoration is held at Thaba Bosiu in the Maseru district. King Letsie III, Prime Minister, Ministers, parliamentarians, chiefs, and the nation at large, attend it.

Then King Letsie III would inspect the army parade and speeches made.

The IPA event took place at senior police officers’ mess.

The Mosotho man

Members who were in different Basotho gears displayed their culture.

Women were in Seshoeshoe, blankets and putting Basotho hat, which is the attire mostly admired by the Basotho because they portray their tradition.

 Men were also in their gear and holding sticks to resemble their culture.

Basotho women and men in style

The music of the day was so special for the commemoration day of Moshoeshoe 1 Day. The dishes (Leqebekoane and lekakarane) were served accordingly.

In the event, some members from the PHQ Regional committee and the National Executive Committee participated with joy.  

The objective of the day included fundraising because members who were in the traditional gear paid a certain amount of money and those who did not comply paid more.



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