LESBAD hosts two tournaments

Mr. Mohlala Mopeli

The Lesotho Badminton Association (Lesbad) will be hosting two tournaments funded by the Badminton World Federation (BWF) for the 2021 member grant programme.

“We had written a proposal last year and it got approved. We will be hosting school games in Maputsoe and Maseru with the said funds. Maputsoe tournament will be on March 19 2022 at St. Boniface hall, while in Maseru will be hosted at Sefika high school on March 20”, said Secretary Mopeli.

“We will be starting with clinics at 08:30 hrs. on both days, this will be to assist athletes who have had minimal or no playing time at all to be able to participate in the games. The games will start at 11:00hrs.

“The draw will be concluded on the day looking at the number of athletes and categories they will play in. We invited each school to bring two girls and two boys for these games”, continued the Secretary.

The whole grant for 2021 was USD 5000.00 that had to cover training for technical officials such as line judges, umpires and referees. 

“Unfortunately we could not host the technical officials training due to some reason of dates not coinciding with the experts who had to come, so we will have to communicate with the Badminton Confederation of Africa on rescheduling”, concluded Mopeli.

He showed that there is going to be a revolving trophy for the school that would have performed exceptionally and the athletes will get medals.

Since they want to motivate all athletes, they will give every athlete a participation medal.



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