Finally, IPA national council held

International Police Association – Lesotho Section hosted a National Council meeting in Maseru on April 8, 2022.

Mr. Thato Mokoteli

Its objective was to bring together the structures of IPA in Lesotho including representation from the districts, regions and National Executive Committee.

“IPA structures have been mandated by the entire membership to execute the association’s plans of each year”, said the IPA Secretary General Thato Mokoteli.

The meeting is usually hosted at the beginning of each year in February, but this year due to the COVID 19 pandemic, it was delayed.

“It has been the best practice of the IPA- Lesotho Section to hold the meeting in February of every year. This is because the district and regional committees would have been elected and mandated with the mission of the association”.

“After the Lesotho Prime Minister relaxed the restrictions caused by Coronavirus we had an opportunity to call the Council meeting as described by the constitution”, stressed Mokoteli.

He indicated that the burning issue that also attracted the Council meeting was that the National Executive Committee’s tenure ended last year.

Therefore, the Congress was supposed to have taken place in November last year and elections for the new committee to be conducted.

IPA National Council members

The NEC is elected in Congress after every three years period. Hence, it was due in 2021.

Therefore, after the meeting discussed the plans of the association it came to an agreement that the Special Congress be held tentatively in August this year so that the new committee would be in office and take over.

The last National Council meeting took place in 2020.


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