LeFA meets with Elite Leagues, Player Status over players trafficking and players’ agents

The Lesotho Football Association would like to inform the football fraternity that it on Monday met with representatives from its elite leagues to discuss among others risks associated with player trafficking in line with the court case in session, recommendations pertaining to Players’ Agents, and Player registrations.

The Association is now preparing for a consultative meeting with the clubs from the elite leagues, where the matters will be discussed at length. 

Members of the football fraternity especially those that have shown interest to be trained as player agents will be updated once the Association has completed talks with FIFA on the subject.

Girls U-17 and U-20 wrap-up winter camps with friendly matches in South Africa

On Monday, the Lesotho Football Association Girls U-17 and U-20 teams left the country for Gauteng, where they would play practice matches against counterparts from JVW and Rovers Women. The matches will be played on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively.

The Youth teams coached by Mr. Tjamela Tjamela and Mrs. Elizabeth Yelimala have been impressive in a series of practice matches played so far.

They will look to wrap up their winter programme on a high note before the players return to their respective districts to prepare for the re-opening of schools.

By: Lesotho Football Association

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