Cramps obstruct Lesotho runner to complete race

Motlokoa Nkhabutlane did not finish the race on day two of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England.

The games were officially inaugurated on July 28 this year.

The reports received from Commonwealth Games showed that Nkhabutlane did not complete the race due to cramps.

Therefore, the experts and the experienced people in as far as athletics are concerned shared their views with Lesotho Sports Blizz regarding the cramps that could attack an athlete.  

In an exclusive interview with the veteran and the holder of a level three coaching course and sports scientist, Kokoliea Mokonyana lack of warm-up leads to cramps.

“Lack of warm up, but starting at competition pace forgetting that one is from high altitude would cause cramps to an athlete,” said Mokonyana.

“A person from high altitude has to start at low pace for seven minutes before running at competition pace”.

“To avoid slow start he must make high warm up so that when the race starts he has a high circulation of blood”.

He indicated that cramps are a result of inconsistent blood flow.

Mokonyana said Lesotho has people who are highly qualified in coaching. He made an example of a person who possess level five coaching skills.

“However, the coach of the athletes who are competing in Commonwealth Game is a level one holder”. Concluded Mokonyana.

“It is not true that the coach in Commonwealth Games has level one. He holds a level three certificate”, said the public relations officer of Federation Athlete of Lesotho (FAL) Nkoebe Makhalemele.

Makhalemele shared the same sentiment with Mokonyana concerning the availability of people with levels three and five in the country.

“Even though Mokonyana is one of the qualified candidates with level three, however, I cannot dwell much because the association has issues with him”, confirmed Makhalemele.

He stipulated that FAL select the coach for the national team because of performance and nothing more or less.  

“We cannot pick a coach just because he is highly qualified even if he does not perform well”, emphasized FLA PRO.

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