LeFA saddened by malicious reporting on the deal between Kick4life FC and Majantja FC

Malicious reporting on social media platforms that the Association has stopped or rejected the deal between Majantja and Kick4life over the sale of the status of the latter saddens the Lesotho Football Association.

LeFA has had several meetings with the management of two Clubs last week to guide them on how they can go about with their Club Licensing applications as well as their requests to change the name from Kick4life FC to Majantja FC without bringing the game into disrepute.

The football fraternity should be reminded that it was LeFA in the first place that advised Kick4life FC to sell its status and not close shop as it had initially indicated that its withdrawal from the Premier League, which would have brought the game in the country into disrepute.

LeFA long approved the deal between two clubs and others that have traded their statuses, but it’s the change of names that has been halted to protect the integrity of the game as per the rules and regulations of the Premier League as far as the promotion and relegation of clubs is concerned.

By: Lesotho Football Association

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