Lesotho Sky on the move

Lesotho Sky is well on track for the 11th edition the next month.

“We look forward to the infamously tough Ramabanta trails before moving to the Malealea area”, said the Lesotho Sky statement.

“Despite all the amazing snow scenes featuring Lesotho at the moment the event is on schedule”.

The last day, 24 September, is better known as the Malealea Monster Day and is open to riders of all ages and skill levels.

The first day of the event is on September 14.

“Families with kids are welcome and booking can be done directly through Malealea Lodge”, highlighted Lesotho Sky.

“To compensate for all the demanding riding, we welcome back Mudu Monyake Fitness and Massage Therapy”.

Bookings can be done at registration and throughout the event with availability for supporters too. “The Lesotho Sky event is about real and rugged mountain biking. With a smaller field, we are able to reach more remote areas while ensuring that all riders have an experience of a lifetime”, continued the statement.

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