FIFA inspects ongoing Infrastructural Football Projects/ newly developed LeFA Strategic Plan

The FIFA Regional Office team made up of Regional Development Manager Mr. David Fani and the Project Coordinator Ms. Christine Gama completed a four-day working visit to Lesotho this past week, where they inspected the ongoing football projects in Mohale’s Hoek, Maputsoe, and LeFA headquarters in Maseru funded under the FIFA Forward Development Programme.

LeFA has now commenced fencing its ‘Mamohlakala site in Thaba Tseka, which becomes the fourth project, and the Association will build a technical Centre and offices.

The Lesotho Football Association is on a mission to develop technical centres in each of the ten districts of Lesotho, and already has three.

The FIFA team shared its thoughts on how LeFA can go about with its infrastructural projects and praised the astuteness of the Association’s Secretariat in producing one of the best strategic plans in the region.

The FIFA Forward Development Programme also includes financial support for the boys, girls and women’s leagues for its Member Associations.

By: Lesotho Football Association

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