Likuena resume AFCON preparations 

Likuena head coach, Vaselin Jelusic

The Lesotho Men’s Senior National team, Likuena will return to work on January 16, to resume their preparations for the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations back-to-back matches against Zambia scheduled for March this year.

The national team will return to work with only local-based players while those playing outside the country will be available to link up with the squad during the FIFA dates.

20-year-old Mosoeu Seahloho, a product of the Lesotho Football Association School of Excellence programme, is among new faces that have retained their place in the squad along with Swallows’ Motlalepula Phahlahla, Mohlomi Makhetha of LCS and Linare’s Koenehelo Mothala.

Apart from these preparations, Lesotho referees are scheduled to undergo fitness examinations as football returns from the festive break.

The Lesotho Football Association match officials will undergo the fitness examination this coming Sunday (08/01/23) in preparation for the return to action of league matches.

The fitness test will be overseen by LeFA Referees Coordinator Mr. Mohau Sentso working alongside a team of Referees Instructors.

The fitness test is for all the LeFA-accredited match officials (central referees and the assistants) both males and females, who officiate in the association’s elite and Lower leagues.

The physical fitness test is standard for all member association referees. It is made up of two tests which are the repeated sprint ability, which measures the referees’ ability to perform repeated sprints over 40 metres.

By: Lesotho Football Association

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